Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Mushroom Tapestry

Jan got so far but couldn't bring herself to finishing the cream back drop to these tasty mushrooms. With just the background to do, this would be a quick and easy practice for someone looking for some tapestry experience.

Countryside Tapestry

Louise was alarmed to have found attached to this piece, a plea for 'Help' and daughters forgiveness from a dying woman. By this tapestry containing someones very last spurs of creative energy we can only hope it can be completed with the sympathy it needs.

Flower Tapestry

For a Lady of Leisure to achieve the best welfare for herself she must be an extremely keen embroiderers. On her visits to London Gladys would always embark on the Haberdashery at Harrods with sister 'City' girl Kitty. To show that a Lady of Lifestyle of the North was more content with life, Gladys would boast of the extreme amount Tapestry a 'Country' girl could complete. With over 20 canvas's brought on trips from the Lake District to London but not one completed, you could definitely question this theory.