Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sandra's Grand Scheme

Sandra had a grand scheme.She would win Miss Knit 1984 with a skirt the like of which the world had never seen. Fame, fortune and a time-share villa in Belguim would soon be hers!
Sadly it was not to be.The world was not yet ready for turqouise acrylic rib and open work ruffles, which , like Sandra, had alot of front, but no back. And was the size of a glove.

Can you complete this item and turn it into the winner it was destined to be?

Quentin Tarantino's Bad Hair Day

Alas poor Quentin Tarantino. His new film about the violent underbelly that is the KnitWorkers Guild was not going well.Samuel L Jackson was not taking to long-tail cast on at all well and to cap it all Beryl, the on set hairdresser had ruined his hair when she slipped on a banana. Luckily, Doris from Wardrobe rustled up a yellow crochet doily for Quentin to wear rakishly on his head. It worked a treat but is now surplus to requirements and needs a new career and a new home.
Are you that person?

Patience and the Disappearing Patience

Patience was cruelly named, for she never had much Patience. This can be a problem if you are a knitter but Patience had cleverly worked out a strategy. She decided only to knit small, random items. This worked well until she grew bored of knitting and decided to take up table-tennis.

Here are the fruits of Patience's exertions.We have two peach acrylic rectangles, one white and pink acrylic square (possibly the back of a sweater), and most interestingly of all , a light pink and dark pink (again acrylic) concoction which could possibly be a very small trouser suit (very Spring/Summer 2010 ).

A long attention span is not required to transform these items.What could they be? Dolls and small babies apply here!

Dismembered Dolly

Norman loved his mother very much.....perhaps too much.....his girlfriend Janet certainly thought so. She became even more concerned when, after cleaning out his freezer,she found-gasp!-what a can only be described as knitted body parts....was it a doll his mother gave him? or was it his mother who was very very small? and made of pink acrylic ?Janet did not know and decided to send these items to us.
Do you think you can make this items come alive? Are you the person to make something beautiful out of something frankly rather disturbing?

(Janet decided not to dump Norman-she was after all now at an age where she was officially considered a spinster and did not want to go to another party on her own. She never did.)