Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Left in a museum and never come back for, this piece was destined to be an unfinished piece of knit one way or another. Presumably a jumper or a cardigan, this gorgeous deep red two tone coloured double knit piece is itching to be completed.
We are delighted that Elen has taken this piece to Wales to give it some attention.

As this piece was left then found in a museum we have no story or pattern of the intended garment. Neither do we know who the knitter of this piece was or who was intended to wear it.

After lots of thinking and having such a big piece of a huge jumper, Elen chose to unravel the original UFO and recreate the piece in a smaller version of what she thought the original knitter was making. Pairing up the original red yarn with a bright red.

There is a lot of mystery around this piece by not knowing much about it, which carried through to the completion of the piece. But perfectly copying the original pattern onto the small scale cardigan. Elen 'spookily' found that the pattern in the knit fitted the cardigan pattern on front and back in a 2/4/6 sequence. 'It was like it was ment to be', scary!

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