Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Dismembered Dolly

Norman loved his mother very much.....perhaps too much.....his girlfriend Janet certainly thought so. She became even more concerned when, after cleaning out his freezer,she found-gasp!-what a can only be described as knitted body parts....was it a doll his mother gave him? or was it his mother who was very very small? and made of pink acrylic ?Janet did not know and decided to send these items to us.
Do you think you can make this items come alive? Are you the person to make something beautiful out of something frankly rather disturbing?

(Janet decided not to dump Norman-she was after all now at an age where she was officially considered a spinster and did not want to go to another party on her own. She never did.)


  1. I would like to surprise my daughter with this, and see what she can come up with. It may end up being a strange sea creature.

  2. My daughter does not want to be surprised with this. I toss it back to the sea.