Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Marcia`s Forgetful Jacket

Marcia lives by a lake , surrounded by beautiful woodland and wildlife....But such a lifestyle can be very distracting !
(oh yes it can , you at the back, who scoffs at such an idea!)
Wildlife can indeed be very noisy ......especially Chipmunks who, as everyone knows, are very good singers, but need to practise their craft regularly,to attain the perfection of their top C.
It was this high-pitched singing that drove our Marcia to distraction -she tried cotton wool in her ears, she tried hypnosis, she even tried to hum loudly herself, but nothing worked.
Meanwhile she forgot all about her knitting! hells bells! She decided to send her unfinished work to us , so someone could enjoy the purple heather soft Alpaca yarn , and the neat jacket pattern, and finish it.Marcia has knitted part of the back , and the two fronts. They are also several hanks of the yarn , and the original pattern.
If you are chipmunk free maybe this is the UFO for you!


  1. I've emailed twice for an application and received two error messages! Is there another way to request an application?

  2. Hello! Sorry you are having problems! If you email and say you would like to complete a UFO she will get back to ASAP.In the meantime we will try and remove the gremlins!