Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Ellen got a couple of inches into this jumper before admitting that the yarn, although washable, was too hideous to waste her time on. It was destined for her boyfriend but she couldn't do that to him....


  1. I've done the same thing with some Jaeger 4ply. In the shop the shade reminded me of fudge, toffee, honeycombe and all things sweet and nice. At home it looked like cat poo after too many rice 'n' chicken crunchies. I took it round to my sister's and sort of left it there.

  2. Could I apply to claim it?

  3. Well, it is 2011 and when I looked at the yarn, it reminded me of a bag I just finished that was spruced up with a very pale yellow and purple. It is now a beautiful little purse.
    Drab colors have a purpose. Red would have done wonders for the brown as well.
    May in Atlanta