Saturday, 30 May 2009


Completed, perfect and extraordinary knitted objects have been flying in all week. 
What a PUSH you are all making for completion....the UFOs are giving us all a lot of problems, sleepless nights etc, 
Each project has started with problems. Every successful project has a pain barrier, but with the 'Someone elses' UFO' the barrier is at the start, and can continue for a while. The only way to break through the pain barrier is with a PUSH. We are all pushing really hard and good results are coming. Each project is so different, but I love hearing about the relationships with these pieces and how determined you are to fix all the problems. I'm finding it moving.

Pictured here is Louise's solution to the 'Candy Stripe Shoulder and Half a Bust' which was knitted in short rows. It was impossible to know what the garment was meant to look like, but Louise just loved the shape and it's colour. Louise started knitting the same shape over and over again. She did not worry about what the piece would end up being, because it had endless possibilities, and the joy was in the repetition. She is content with this wonderfully happy construction. It's like the pieces all have their arms around each other.

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  1. When I first saw the picture, I thought that someone had made multiple starts on knitted sanitary napkins. (Or knitted Depends.)

    Reusable menstruation products was an actual project thread a year or two ago at - knitted, sewn or crocheted.

    Then I realized the sizing was off on some of the examples.
    So perhaps they really are part of a sweater!

    (Replace bracketed caps with symbols.)