Saturday, 30 May 2009


Ingrid is staying with her parents at the moment, while her Mum has a knee replacement. They have been doing a lot of knitting together and trying out new techniques. Ingrid knits on the train on the way to work in Winchester, while she listens to podcasts. Pictured here is the view out of the train window.
2/3 years ago, Ingrid started knitting a scarf for her girlfriend, to go with her green coat. They split up before the scarf was finished. It sat in a ziploc bag at the bottom of her yarn hamper, and made her feel sad. She named it the 'Scarf of Doom'. Ingrid's mum made some socks out of the rest of the yarn.
Pulling it out of the hamper for the UFO project, Ingrid feels better. She thinks it is pretty and is proud of her work, but she would rather see what someone else could do with it. 


  1. I made my unfinished scarf into a pan holder by lining it with 3 layers of cotton sheeting. It looks very pretty in the kitchen drawer.

  2. Can I have this one? Can I?

    jesus_iscomin at yahoo dot com