Wednesday, 6 May 2009


This Pram cover, never completed by Greta Brooks, a doctor's wife and feisty scotts woman, who was small with long grey hair in a bun, a bit like Mrs. Pepperpot, has gone, complete with early fax photocopy of the pattern to Erika Knight for transformation.
Ms Brooks was  brought up in a tenement in Glasgow. During the war, she helped with the evacuation of children to foster homes in the country.  Later in the war she worked at the Ministry of Food on managing nutrition on rations, where she met and married Victor.

Loving Victor, she did a crash Teach Training course in 6 months, to support Victor and his sister through Medical School (Victor's brother in law was a German Jew who had problems getting a work permit).  They became Quakers ("Friends").

Greta then became a housewife.  In her spare time she was Staffing Secretary and the Clerk of the local 

Quaker meeting and the Quaker rep on the Lambeth Churches Co-ordination Committee. Then she deceided to set up a "Visitor's Centre" at Brixton Prison to look after children while the prisoners'  wives visited. Heard the stories of police brutality, corruption and prejudice in Brixton, and took this concern back to Meeting and LCCC.

Busy lobbying for change before the Brixton riots, so Scarman came to her during his Inquiry, which she attended

Set up the Lay Visitors Scheme where lay people were able to go into any Police Station at any time, and demand to speak to anyone in the cells, and check that the Police records were correct and up to date. Copied by other 

Police areas.

She got an MBE for services to the community.

Set up the Lambeth Mediation Service. It was used as a prototype for other areas.  As a fund raising exercise she wrote a training  programme which they delivered all over the country to other groups wanting to start up and got 

invitation to do so and act as consultant all over the  world.

Always declined but sorely tempted to go to Russia

Proposed for another MBE until she explained that she already had one.

Looked after Victor for 6 years as sole full time carer.

and never finished this pram cover.

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