Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Begonia's Legs

Begonia loved to listen to Jarvis Cocker on the radio. His soothing tones increased her milk yield no end. Soon she became the most famous Jersey cow in all of Surbiton.
Farmer McDonald was (naturally) inundated with offers of work on her behalf. Begonia turned most of these offers down (including Celebrity Udder on Ice !) rather to Farmer McDonalds disappointment.
However Begonias ears pricked up and her tail swished at one idea-her own exercise video for dairy cows! Preparations were soon underway and everyone at the farm pitched in, including the farmers wife who started to make Begonia some striped leg warmers. Mrs McDonald, unfortunately , had a bit too much sherry trifle and accidentally started knitting a babys cardigan pattern. She tried to put them on Begonias legs but alas, they were either too small or too big.

Can you finish the cardigan? or do you know someone with four odd-shaped legs?if so contact us!
Knitted in pink and cream acrylic.

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