Wednesday, 24 February 2010

How to be a Fairy

Gladys wanted to be a fairy. She had wanted to be one ever since she could remember.And just because she was 36 the desire still did not stop.
Luckily her grandmother understood her dream-she after all had been a fairy in her youth, wowing them at Blackpool with her wand action.
This kindly grandmother set about knitting a fairy outfit for her granddaughter using the very suitable and slightly sparkly Tinkerbell yarn from Wendy!
Alas Gladys' grandmother had not seen Gladys for many years , ever since she had been locked up in Broadmoor High Security prison for insanity and rather underestimated Gladys height and width.

Do you know a fairy that needs a (small) outfit ? we have a sleeve, back and part of the front, with lace pattern,plus the remainder of the original yarn.

1 comment:

  1. I recognized this yarn the minute I saw it! I made my darling lamb a sweater(jumper) and skirt set when she was just two years old out of it.
    I wish I had kept it, but it got passed down to other little babies in the family, and finally disappeared into the charity pool.
    I hope no one has claimed this yet.
    I think I would like to.