Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Colonel Mustard's Hot Date

Colonel Mustard had hot date! Miss Scarlet was his kind of woman, the type that could crack a Brazil nut with her bare thighs.
Colonel Mustard liked to dress as his name- always in the colour mustard. For his hot date he instructed his housekeeper/general dogsbody Mrs Peacock to make him a new suit of the finest cloth, in mustard obviously.
Now Mrs Peacock was very fed up. She had worked for Colonel Mustard for the last 30 years without a pay rise.And she was jealous of Miss Scarlett and her red sandals.
Mrs Peacock began to make a knitted suit so vile that it would be sure to make Miss Scarlett run screaming in horror! However before she had a chance to finish it Colonel Mustard was arrested for the murder of Reverend Green, most probably framed by Miss Scarlett herself.
Mrs Peacock , before departing for a world cruise, deposited the fragments of the suit with us.

Do you like mustard? do you have someone you dislike intensely? this could be the project for you!
Mustard colour cotton, with a cute repeated purl stitch on knitted background, looks like a back , two sleeves and maybe part of a front. Baby or doll sized.

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